Green and Navy Engagement Photo Outfits

Green and Navy Engagement Photo Outfits

Banana Republic clothing

J.Crew suede shoes
$225 –

Kendra Scott earrings
$60 –

Mens chino pants

Banana Republic men s apparel


Jamie’s Engagement Photos

Jamie's Engagement Photos

7 Workout Habits You Should Drop Now

These are great tips for the girl on the go! Push yourself to get a more efficient workout.


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Are you spending hours working out every week, and not getting the results you want? Chances are you might have a bad habit or two when it comes to exercising. Never fear, there’s a quick fix for even the most ingrained workout no-nos. Check out these 7 workout habits you should drop: Not only will ditching these help you lose the pounds, they will help you become a more efficient exerciser.

1) The elliptical. I’m not a fan of the elliptical. Not only is it the most boring piece of equipment in the gym, it is also extremely ineffective. First off, the elliptical doesn’t use a natural body motion to work your body. Workouts that use natural motions like running, bending, or jumping are much more effective at toning muscles. Sure, the gliding motion of the elliptical burns calories, but that’s about it. It is also easy to slack…

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