Welcome to ChampagneGRACE! I’m so glad you’re here and I hope you leave us a comment or two letting us know what you like or with a question for us to answer. I look forward to interacting with you here or on any of the various social media sites!

I am a twenty-something living with my husband in a cozy one-bedroom apartment in the Omaha suburbs. I love football, baseball, college basketball, sweet tea, and country music. I grew up on the northeast side of Indianapolis, Indiana, and have somehow amassed an insane number of fun facts pertaining to the state of Indiana. I moved 600 miles from home to attend Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. While at Creighton, I was overly involved (which seems to be the norm for Creighton students) with two student governments, Greek life, and various other groups. I graduated with a BSBA in Marketing and Finance and met my best friend and later-to-be husband. Since graduation, I have worked as a marketing coordinator for a financial services company. What does a marketing coordinator do, you ask? Basically everything I love: event planning, writing, some design work, and social media. Currently, I volunteer for the American Diabetes Association and Pi Beta Phi. For the ADA, I am a member of the planning committee for Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. For Pi Phi, I am the advisor to the New Member Coordinators at Creighton. I have also recently begun working with the Children’s Respite Care Center on their marketing collateral, website content, and social media platforms. I love dogs, but don’t have any of my own (yet, ha!) so I love spending time with Monica’s dogs Peanut and Casper and snuggling with my mom’s dogs Clancy and Hennessy when I go home.

Connect with me!
Twitter: @kelcrummer
Instagram: @kelcrummer

Key Players I might mention in my posts (other than Monica)
My husband and best friend. I couldn’t be happier to be his wife and love that he is there for me no matter the hurdle I face.

My loving mother to whom my siblings and I have dedicated a Twitter hashtag. I blame her for my  almost-useless Indiana knowledge. But she is also the reason I believe in myself and believe I can complete anything to which I set my mind.

My younger sister. She’s got a free spirit, a big heart, and a good head on her shoulders. I miss her, A LOT.

We’ve come a long way since he flushed my Barbies’ heads down the toilet. Always down to have fun, my younger brother is growing up to be quite the gentleman.

Amanda is John’s older sister and married to Kyle. They have two beautiful daughters, Candace and Autumn, whom I love being an aunt to. And by aunt, I mean the one who spoils them rotten, fills them with ice cream, caffeine, and sugar and sends them home 🙂


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